MycoRegDB (version 2) provides easy-to-use graphical/tabular access to the regulatory data, pathways and networks across all mycobacteria. It hosts manually curated data for 2700 mycobacterial genes with 7500 regulatory interactions amongst them. Several notable features have been incorporated into it: (i) graphical visualization of the entire regulatory network or dynamically generated sub-graphs, (ii) flexibility to handle user-desired gene searches to enumerate all the genes that are regulated by the desired gene as well as all the genes that directly/indirectly regulate the desired gene, (iii) to identify all the paths between any two genes, (iv) to highlight all the genes regulated by any desired gene and (v) to calculate the perturbation score (i.e. to what degree the entire network get disrupted) on targeting a gene.

Sigma Regulators Tabulated Graphical
Non Sigma Regulators Tabulated Graphical
All Regulators Tabulated Graphical

MycoRegDB (version 1): Sharma D, Mohanty D and Surolia A (2009) RegAnalyst: a web interface for the analysis of regulatory motifs, networks and pathways. Nucleic Acids Res., 37, W193-W201.