Viral Evolution will Automatically Resolve COVID-19 Pandemic (Editorial, 18 July 2020)

Research Interests

Our laboratory aims to address diverse biologically pertinent issues by employing computational algorithms and resources. We also work in collaboration with doctors for the diagnosis and treatment of several diseases.

With the copious amount of genomic and experimental data being generated, the imperative to follow a bioinformatics-guided research has never been greater. Furthermore, with the use of in silico methods it is possible to target any pathogen with a global perspective rather than a locally focused strategy. Multiple computational approaches embracing (i) identification of human-pathogen interacting proteins, (ii) mapping of regulatory networks, (iii) comparative genomics, (iv) prediction of structural information, and/or (v) screening commercial compounds against novel target(s) can be employed to hit the pathogen from every possible direction. Bioinformatics is also an integral component of real time heath care and personalized medicine.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to conduct experimental research without employing bioinformatics!

Ongoing Research